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Painting the Golden Ratio
Tuesday, April 16, 2013
By Kevin Manning

Wayne Gatling at work painting my Golden Proportion staircase.  I have always been fascinated by ancient mathematical rules and how they have been applied in design and photography. The "Golden Proportion" or "Golden Mean" is one such rule if you like, that has often sneaked its way into my photo work - sometimes planned but more often than not it just seems to happen.  The mathematics on this are fairly simple.  Starting at zero if you take the ratio of any two sequential numbers and extrapolate the numbers out the plotted graph the image generated yields the Golden Proportion.  This Golden Proportion is also one of the cropping guides in Lightroom which I sometimes leave turned on out of curiousity.  For my former Post-Dispatch colleages I do not scream "COPY!" and mark the walls up with a grease pencil while using the staircase.