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On the Road With the Clintons
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
By Kevin Manning

In 1992 Bill and Hillary Clinton left the Democratic National Convention in New York and took a bus trip with Tipper and Al Gore.  They drove to St. Louis where they had a rally in East St. Louis and left for a barnstorming trip through Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin and on to Detroit, Michigan.  I was along for the ride and it was somewhere between these making two photos that I realized that I was photographing the next president of the United States.  If you told me that 23 years later Hillary would be doing the same thing, I would have laughed.  But life is stranger than fiction sometimes and it is happening.  The bus in this photo was named "Flagship" which is not as catchy a name as Hillary's "Scoobie" van, but the second bus they used was named "Yehudit", a Peter Pan character.

I remember walking into a cafe in Stawberry Point, Iowa,  covered with cameras,  to get a coke and stopping all conversation.  The clerk asked me if I was from National Geographic.  When I acted puzzled and said no, that I was from the Post-Dispatch they all laughed and than explained that they were all reading "The Bridges of Madison County" in which a National Geographic photographer has a passionate affair with an Iowa housewife.  Mmmm hmmm!