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Lost in Woods
Friday, January 31, 2014
By Kevin Manning

I have been watching as a harvest of Loblolly Pines on the old Berkeley Plantation in Charles City County, VA. has slowly revealed this old cabin, lost in the woods for years.  It caught my eye, mostly because of the downed timber all over the place and the fact that they amazingly logged it off without destroying the old home.  It was a very complicated and distracting landscape which I shot as a 3 frame HDR, automatically combined in camera by the new Canon 5D MkIII.  After a variety of tweaks I ran it through the oil painting filter of my new Creative Cloud version of Photoshop.  I have  just switched over from CS5 and have been using a plug in filter called Pixel Bender in CS5 for a similar effect.  This new oil painting filter incorporated in Photoshop CC is not as controllable as the Pixel Bender plug in but yields a higher quality end result. I really liked  what it did to the timber.