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Thursday, February 09, 2017
By Kevin Manning

My recent assignment from Mended Hearts, a non-profit support group for those who are recovering from heart attacks, came in the mail and I really liked what they did with my photos in their publication, Heartbeat Magazine.  Usually, as a photographer,  you have some idea how your photos might look in print, but designers always have their own idea.  I must confess that usually I don't care for their treatment of the photos.  Wrong photo selected, underplayed, too many photos used the same size. Not all designers are good picture editors.  Once you let go of your photo take, you also should let go of how you think it might look on the page. 

Not this time!  It looked great and it was EXACTLY as I might have designed it.  Coming in tight for a detail of Dr. Phillip Duncan, cardiologist, taking the pulse of his patient, Patricia Brown Glover was perfect.  Summing up the story angle addressing the disparity in health care for African American patients and whites was difficult, I thought about it and came up with the idea of simplifying down to the essential between doctor and patient, caring and touch.  Usually this photo was be dismissed as a detail and would run two columns wide. Another cool detail was that Dr. Duncan was wearing his Howard University class ring.  It was nice that the editor and designer saw what I saw.


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Kevin Manning - Thanks Tavia. I appreciate your comment. I was shocked how young Patricia Glover Brown, the patient, was. Much too young to have heart problems.


Tavia Gilchrist - Nice photos and treatment Kevin. A very nuanced approach to an important issue.